"The dead are back...  For a snack!"


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The Italian Zombie Movie

 "When the dead walk, you'd better run, or you can kiss your intestines goodbye!"

Bruno on the Walkie Talkie
"Zombies? Here? That's impossible!"
(Sgt. Bruno Deodato; the brave, unstoppable hero - NEW BLOG INSIDE!)

Katriona at the Cemetery
"ESP is less common in human people, like you and me..."
(Katriona; the beautiful psychic heroine)

Maria Aloof in the Woods
"Honey, have you ever heard of a Succubus?"
(Maria; the sexy girlfriend)

Ruggerro Shocked
"I'm the man here!  I make the decisions!"
(Ruggerro; the chauvinist boyfriend)

Dr. Falluci Flirting
"So, do pretty young girls such as yourself still like to pose for pictures?"
 (Dr Falluci; the diabolical mastermind)

The General in Defensive Posture
"You should have continued your training, instead of joining the militia!"
(The General; mentor or mental?)

Jeremiah's Gameface
"And now, taste the final blow from my rod."
(Jeremiah; hero or antihero?

The Colonel Recalls Human Experiments
"Yes! Antitoxin - A completely harmless chemical - that's what they told us over and over again!"
(The Colonel; special forces veteran and trained medic)

Mariangela is Ticked
"The Local Pervert? You aren't still afraid of him?"
(Mariangela; the vengeful ex-lover)

The Gas Station Attendant
"We women aren't just in the kitchen and the bedroom anymore."
(Gas Station Attendant; a pioneering feminist)

"Listen Rockman, go use your pincers and engage him, quickly!"
(Saragon; mysterious, all-knowing energy being)

Image of Sarrek
"What am I, some kind of chump-change zombie punching bag?"
(Image of Sarrek; also known as Yarenak and  Rockman)

Asia the Spy
"Yes Sir!  In-and-out, I mean over-and-out!"
(Asia; the misguided spy)

Asia the Temporary Secretary
"I need blood NOW!"
(Asia; the doomed temporary secretary)

Young Katriona
"Mister, I just came back for more candy"
(Young Katriona; What really happened to her in that trailer?)

The Local Pervert and the Children of the Corn
"Si pendejo!"
(The Local Pervert; what secret is he hiding?)

The Lab Technician
"This is even worse than our exaggerated environmental problems"
(The Technician; a rather one dimensional character)

(No quotes available)
(Sprinkles; a dog appearing in the film)

    Zombies Attacking the Trailer        Ruggerro Being Attacked Zombies       The Decapitated Zombie

    Maria and Bruino is the Morgue      Zombie with a Replacement Part     Zombie Flesh Feast

The Blind Zombie
The Plot
(Il Complotto; for those who want to know what this movie is about - IMPROVED)

The Skinless Zombie
Director's BLOG
(BLOG di Direttore; insights into the making of this zombie epic)  NEWER!

The Colonel and Bruno
Actor's BLOG
(BLOG di Attores; Bruno and other cast members BLOG on and on - NEW BLOG!)

Dead Zombie Rising
Movie Trailer Download
(La Roulotte di film Scarica

Ruggerro and the Antitoxin
Production Stills
(La Produzione Tittavia)

Ruggerro Attacked By Zombies
How to Buy?
(Instructions on how to purchase this epic motion picture - UPDATED!)

Maria Driving the Boat

Cast/Crew Info
(Apparire: Information on the actors, actresses and various animals appearing - but not harmed - in this film)

Jeremiah and The Colonel
Soundtrack Info
(La Musica Scarica: Soundtrack Downloads and links to band websites

Vampira and Napolean
Behind the Scenes
(Dietro le Qunite; insights into how the movie was made)

The Local Pervert Decapitated

Contact the Director
(Contattare il Direttore; 

The Mysterious Spaceship

Future Projects
(Il Futuro Progetta; some of our new movie ideas)

Jeremiah with a Bazooka
Production Information
(Informazioni di Produzione

Special Effects Secrets
(I Segreti di Effetti Speciali)

Asia Disemboweled
Special Make-up Effects
(I Segreti di Effetti di Trucco Speciali)

Sink of Blood

(Miscellanea; stuff that didn't fit anywhere else - NEW!)

A Tub of Guts
Favorite Links
(Maglie preferite; websites that inspired us in some way)  

Katriona Using Psychic Powers
Wait, there's more!
(L'attesa, c'e pui!  Yup there's even more stuff here - including some secret stuff - ooh wow!)

Small Title Screen
(The legal stuff that no one really cares about except lawyers who want YOU to sue everybody so THEY can get rich...  Think about it)

"If you're going to make a low budget zombie movie,
make it an EPIC!"

Are you as sick and tired as we are of Hollywood's depraved, grueling "torture marathons" passing themselves off as horror movies?  Do you long for the days   when evil gruesome monsters battled resourceful heroes WITHOUT the help of trendy and stale Matrix-style fighting effects?  Are you completely underwhelmed by cheap, blue-faced zombies whose make-up always ends right at the neck, or
even worse: Zombies that are digital; making them about as scary as cartoons?

Do you long for a zombie epic with inspired characters and complex storylines that
will actually hold your interest between the requisite scenes of chunk-blowing gore? 
Are you yearning for a completely original zombie film with clever dialogue, unusual humor and situations truly unique to the zombie genre?  Are you craving a zombie movie for real zombie movie fans, inspired by the classic Italian zombie films of Fulci, Mattei and Lenzi, the Shaw Brother's spectacles and maybe even a little Star Trek?

Well that's what we were craving too!  

So in 2002, we began in earnest to make our own zombie epic.  Not some cheap
slacker flick (shot in the backyard - with some kids running around in dirty t-shirts shooting other kids running around in dirtier t-shirts) but rather, an ambitious zombie epic, with actors actually playing roles, real plot twists, special effects, sound effects, all the things a "real movie" typically has, even if it WAS mostly shot in my backyard! 

Or put another way:

Do you need a little MORE with your low 
budget GORE?

Then maybe, just maybe, you'll want to bookmark this website, because

The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 and 2

   is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!  So right now, ask yourself, "Is it too early to get in line?"  Maybe these ACTUAL SCREENSHOTS from the film, a MOVIE TRAILER DOWNLOAD, mockumentary style interviews with the cast and
crew and the other goodies on this website will help you decide?  Meanwhile, 
visit the BLOG di Direttore (Director's BLOG) for (semi) regular updates!"


           "It's like something straight outta hell!" Image of Sarak, Zombie Atrocity - IZM

     Saragon Laser Fire!    The Colonel Scared by Jeremiah    Katriona Dying

     Dr. Falluci's Photoshoot    Asia the Spy Scared    Bruno Barfs Some Blood

     Jeremiah in Action Against a Zombie    The Queen of the Zombies    Katriona and Bruno on the Beach Running

     Mysterious Stripper    Young Katriona Attacked by the Local Pervert    Zombies Surround The Trailer

     Katriona Psychic Powers    A Roomful of the Undead    Maria's Bloodshot Eyes

     Bruno with the Decapitated Local Pervert    Saragon and Sarrek    Ruggerro Captured By Zombies

     Zombie Soldier    Mariangela Taking Charge    A Mysterious Zombie


If you enjoy this website, we're pretty sure you'll enjoy the film as well.  The website and the film have the same writers, director and producers



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