"I would like to take this oppotunity to belittle my supporting cast" - Bruno on the set of IZM

Bruno is a Star


Bruno's BLOG:

To all of my precious fans,

After being hounded for months to write something for this “actors” blog, I have finally 
relented to share some of my personal thoughts, if only to stop the incessant whining 
and nagging from the director.

I have to admit that this may be the greatest acting performance of my career.  Of 
course the obvious question is what constitutes a “great performance?”  The easy 
answer would be for you to watch the movie, if and when it is ever released.  However, 
in all truth many aspects must come together to create a great performance. 

The essential elements of acting are: Creating intense situations with other characters, 
demanding a response from them, showing urgency, life and death importance, discovery,
vulnerability, and an increased sense of energy.  Great actors create these elements both 
externally and within themselves.  When working with the supporting cast, a master actor 
must demand no less of them then he would of himself. 

In addition, for an actor to create a great performance one must have an exceptional director. 
But what are the qualities that make a good director?  Vision, patience and an obsessive attention 
to detail from the director are equally important to the master actor’s craft.  A director must 
be well balanced and empathetic to the feelings and emotions that the actor is trying to create.

Sets, props, lighting, and special effects also play a part in the actor’s performance.  If these 
aspects are given the same consideration and level of importance as the rest of the film, then 
they should help highlight and accentuate a great performance, but not detract from it.

Even the catering must be considered essential.  A dramatic undertaking of a character’s 
emotions can be quite challenging and physically draining.  Proper nutrition is essential in 
being able to maintain a heightened level of energy for a performance.  The audience demands 
no less!

When you succeed at combining all these elements into a performance you are on your way 
to a profoundly memorable performance, which will distinguish you from the average aspiring actors.

For these reasons, and these reasons alone I must regard this as the greatest performance of 
my career.   Considering, I had none of the above listed essential aspects from my director, 
supporting cast, or producer and still managed to create a real experience for the audience 
should be considered brilliant.

For my fans,


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