"Oh Doctor!  Do a dirty thing to me!" Asia the Spy, Zombie Abomination - IZM

Asia the Spy with Binoculars

Asia the Spy
There is no truth to the rumor that we ran out of Italian-sounding names
in this movie, and therefore gave two characters the first name "Asia"
(although when you consider how many people YOU know with the same
first name it wouldn't be THAT unrealistic to have two characters with
the same first name in a film, now would it?)  Anyway, the truth is we had
too many talented actresses and not enough roles to go around, so we
split the character of Asia up into two distinct characters, but unfortunately,
not in time to get the scripts changed.  (And if you've already read about
Mariangela, our "Script Nazi", you can guess the rest...)  Suffice it to say,
having two Asia's worked out pretty well, with only a small percentage
of our test audience confused by the naming.  This Asia, who we will call
"Asia the Spy" so as to simplify things, is probably our most experienced
actress, appearing in many productions and a beauty pageant winner. 
Equally at home playing a naive young spy or a butch assassin, Asia the Spy
added depth and experience to our otherwise inexperienced cast of Asia's.  

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Asia the Spy Spying    Asia's Balloons    Asia's Glamour Shot in B&W

Asia Crying    Asia and Asia    Asia Stripping Down Asia

In the film, this Asia plays a spy sent by the General to learn more about Doctor
Falluci’s endeavors.  In order to infiltrate his clinic,
Asia the Spy steals Asia the
Temps identity and uses the oldest trick in the book to gain Doctor Falluci’s trust;
she agrees to pose for pictures.  After Doctor Falluci leaves mysteriously,
has his office to herself, so she uses her unparalleled spy skills to obtain vital
information for the General.  Unfortunately for her, she isn’t the only one spying
on Doctor Falluci at that moment…

Spies          Intrigue

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