"Please save me!" Asia the Temp, Zombie Abomination- IZM

Asia the Temporary Secretary

Asia the Temp
Newcomers to the movie business, Asia’s overprotective parent’s had their
lawyer include an extremely strict “no-nudity” clause in her contract; so strict,
in fact, we were required to film her nude scenes "from the neck up not less
than 75% of her nude screen time”.  Since we desperately wanted her in the film
(many have said without her critical scene in the trunk the film would have made
no sense at all) our team of writers performed a major re-write of the script
and, well, those of you who have seen the stills and the trailer know the result. 
Since appearing in the film,
Asia has attended every cast party and movie-related
social function, and fortunately for us, her parents have been nowhere in sight.

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Asia and Asia    Asia Disemboweled in the Trunk    Asia's Gone Nuts

Asia Romantic    Asia Flying?    Asia's Headache

In the film, this Asia plays a young, vulnerable temporary service employee on her
way to Doctor Falluci’s clinic to replace Maria who has left for vacation with her
boyfriend.  Unfortunately, along the way, she is attacked by one of the General’s
spies who kills her and steals her identity (not to mention her job!)  But is she really
dead, I mean, we’ve all read about those heads that keep talking and moving their
eyes after decapitations, right?

Help!  I need saving!           Gruesome

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