"My Intestine!  That's the key!" Sgt. Bruno Deodato, Zombie Abomination - IZM

Bruno Deodato

Sgt. Bruno Deodato
A new kind of dynamite hits the big screen as Sgt. Bruno "Tiberious" Deodato
makes his international motion picture debut.  Bruno, played by a real-life special
forces veteran, not only acted in the film, but also performed all of his own stunts
including the parachute jump; trained the cast and crew on handling semi-automatic
weapons, and; was even able to give himself an upset stomach to add fantastic
realism to one very memorable bathroom scene.  Insisting on “star treatment”
throughout the production (he was, after all, the highest paid cast member) Bruno
often referred to his fellow actors and actresses as “the supporting cast”, generating
a feeling of animosity both on the set and off it.   Bruno has already locked-up the lead
role in his next film, “Bruno, The Autobiography”, for which he is reportedly looking
for a producer.

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In the film, Bruno plays a Sergeant in the special forces investigating his twin
brother’s death which occurred during a mission to recover a lost shipment of
Antitoxin.  After obtaining a valuable map from Doctor Falluci, who unbeknownst
to Bruno was actually behind his twin brother’s failed mission, Bruno enlists the
help of Jeremiah and “The Colonel”, his former special forces teammates, and
goes off in search of clues.  What Bruno doesn’t know is the Antitoxin was a vaccine
that had horrific side effects well-known to the military, and Doctor Falluci has been
acting outside his jurisdiction in trying to recover it for mysterious reasons.  These
“side effects” will present many dangers to Bruno and his team.  Bruno also
doesn’t realize that his own team has been infiltrated by a spy…

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