"I thought maybe they were friendly, so you know, I invited them in" Ruggerro, Zombie Atrocity - IZM

Cast Crew Info



The cast and crew of Zombie Abomination and Zombie Atrocity
are private people.  Please respect their privacy and do not hound them
for autographs or stalk their every move like some manic paparazzi.  If
you see them late at night at a public rest area or in line at the local health
department, try to remember that they are just regular people like you and
me.  They don't really have superhuman strength, amazing sexual stamina
or mysterious psychic powers.  None of them are murderers or demons
or musicians in real life.  They're just regular human beings trying to find
some small speck of meaning i
n their humdrum lives, just like the rest of
us.  Please treat them with all due respect accordingly.  Thank you.

NOTE: There are two exceptions to the above statement.  Saragon and
Image of Sarrek are not regular human beings since they are extraterrestrials. 
If you see them in real life, please report them to the appropriate authorities
for study and dissection.

 Sarrek            Saragon

Sarrek                                        Saragon


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