"So, what are your gratifications?" The Colonel, Zombie Abomination - IZM

The Colonel

The Colonel
The Colonel is the sensitive, not-so-starving artist in this ensemble.  He is not only a
fine character actor, but also a skilled sound effects artist and rock and roll musician. 
His ability to kick a spring reverb at just the right moment gave the zombies exactly the
 right vocal edge.  One of the original founding members of the legendary rock band,
“Redneck Roulette”, his "human metronome" inspired drumming technique powered
the rock portions of the soundtrack into what adolescents call the "kick ass" category. 
Although his past remains shrouded in mystery, it has recently been confirmed that
he was employed (or exploited?) by the army, and later allegedly transferred into a
"desk job" with the Michigan Militia.  It's rumored that this is where he acquired his
awesome biokenetic bladder.  He lists his hobbies as animal husbandry, Absinthe
tasting, sado-masochism and sexual gratification in general.

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In the film, “The Colonel” plays a former medic in the special forces who fell on
hard times and ended up volunteering for a human testing experiment conducted
by the army.  Coincidentally, and unfortunately, the human testing he volunteered
for was Antitoxin testing.  While he survived the test (he must have been in the
control group) he still has some disturbing memories of it.  On the brighter side,
he’s happy to be on another mission with his buddies Bruno and Jeremiah, but
he has some concerns about Jeremiah (and his dislike of women) and Bruno
(when did he start wearing an eye patch?)  Something of a romantic himself,
"The Colonel" likes to strum his acoustic guitar and has extensive carnal
knowledge that may soon be put to the ultimate test…

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