Stardate: -315889.79

The following conversation was intercepted on an open channel between Saragon; an all-knowing energy being, and Image of

Sarrek (aka “Yarenek”); a sentient heavily-foreclawed volcanic deposit.  The following visual was also transmitted.  It is

unclear if the visual is related to the conversation between these extraterrestrials.



Orwellian Rectal Moles 

Image of Sarrek:
Back here on Escalpia, sipping a tranya, I find myself again reflecting on our experience as
humanoids. I recall exploring their ancient literature, most of which was scribed on a bound cellulose based
material the Terrans called a "book". There was one flimsy large "book" that was common most everywhere.
There were yellow sections and white sections (It appeared to be an ancient database of their commercial
enterprises, industry, and populace). Of particular interest to me were the number of entries under the name
of 'Green'. Could these possibly be comrades of Crewman Green? There appeared to be an endless supply 
which I could tap into, and thus stage countless spectacles. Is this possible?  Again, I ask for your wisdom
on such matters.    

Saragon: Yes, that was a great trip to Earth.  And thank goodness it all turned out the way it did. I also noticed
the preponderance of Earthlings under the name of Green.  Take, for example, the infamous Col. Green who
assumed such a dastardly role in the eugenics wars in the early 21st century. (Better keep this on the QT,
though, as it hasn’t actually occurred yet.)  My own thinking on this is that when the so-called western cultures
of earth decided on a binomial identity system, they attempted to keep it simple and assigned common color
names to dwellers of certain regions, or to the off-spring of certain females (those with particularly strong
feminine drives, for example).  The short-lived but ubiquitous Crewmen Greens are no doubt the descendants
of one of these original especially horny Earth women.  My research indicates that at least one of these
Crewmen Greens was in fact also a distant descendant of Col. Green, whose fame I have alluded to, which
brings me to this thought.  What about setting up a spectacle pitting the forces of classical “good” against
some famous counterparts from the classical “evil”?  This might be highly amusing, and even perhaps
elucidating.  I am confident the whole thing could be wrapped up in 50 minutes or less, and we could draw
vast, sweeping conclusions about the whole “good vs evil” thing based on the results.  I will leave it to you to
pick your teams for any spectacle you might wish to hold, but wouldn’t it be fun to actually participate
yourself?  I would be willing to record and broadcast the whole incident from a variety of angles if it would be
of help.  Give it some thought.By the way, I had a little Tranya myself only yesterday.  I hope you enjoy it as
much as I.  What vintage do you stock?  I prefer the 204809787 myself.

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