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From the Director: "I think I've probably seen more zombie movies than any other "normal" person, in fact I've forgotten more zombie movies than most people will ever see, so does that put me in any position to judge them?  I don't know, but since I'm making one (actually two) I thought I'd at least share my opinions on those I've seen without talking about their plots (Hey, c'mon, they're zombie movies!  You already know their plots!)  So bring this list to your local Blockbuster (or add them to your Greencine or Netficks request list) and act like you just can't believe they don't have these important films on their shelves!"  (PS - More to come!!!)


The Director’s Favorites (The zombie movies I’ve enjoyed and watched WAY too many times)

These are the films I’d recommend to any real zombie movie fan.  Overall, these films show me the most interest in their subject matter, and each one feels like the filmmakers, cast and crew put forth their best efforts (within the restraints of their budgets).


28 Days Later (2002) DIR Danny Boyle

Maybe this isn't really zombie movie, but it has all the same elements.  Very well directed and well acted with good music.  Started a new wave of zombie “action” films, none of which are close to as good as this one.  Oh, you will probably find this one at Blockbuster. 


Anthropophagus (1980) DIR Joe D’Amato

Some might question whether this is a zombie movie or not, but it’s close enough for me.  Very low budget, but driven, with a gritty nastiness.


The Beyond (1981) (aka Seven Doors of Death) DIR Lucio Fulci

Stylishly nonsensical horror set pieces that are lots of fun if you don’t need a plot to enjoy a movie.  A very gruesome zombie.


Blind Dead III (1975) (aka Horror of the Zombies, The Ghost Galleon) DIR Amando deOssorio

The most contrived of the Blind Dead series, making it my personal favorite.  Dated, sexist stereotypes abound, with laughable miniature effects. 


Burial Ground (1980) (aka Nights of Terror) DIR Andrea Bianchi

Very mean zombies with an absolutely unforgettable ending.  On any given day, this is may be my favorite zombie movie.


Cemetery Man (1994) (aka Dellarte Dellamore) DIR M. Soavi

Easily one of the best when it isn’t going too far over the top.  Intellectual (or at least philosophical) and funny storyline.  My favorite ending of any zombie movie ever.


Choking Hazard (2004)

Unusual, disarmingly funny and entertaining.  As fun as Shaun of the Dead.  Great zombie filmmaking.


City of the Living Dead (1980) (aka Gates of Hell) DIR Lucio Fulci

One of Fulci’s best, nonsensical horror films.  Great cast and effects.


City of the Walking Dead (1980) (aka Nightmare City) DIR Umberto Lenzi

Probably the inspiration for 28 Days Later.  Action-packed contrived zombie madness, with usual 1980’s European stereotypes thrown in for funny dialogue.


Dawn of the Dead (1978) DIR George Romero

The European version of this one is my favorite.  The best music of any zombie film period.  A good chance you'll find the lame 2004 remake of this one your local video rental chain.


Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (1980) DIR Joe D’Amato

Much better than you’d expect in a horror/p*rno combination.  Well acted with a good b-movie plot!


Hell of the Living Dead (1981) (aka Night of the Zombies) DIR Bruno Mattei (alias Vincent Dawn)

Gross, dumb, yet action-packed.  Steals the music from Dawn of the Dead.  Every trick of low-budget of filmmaking made as obvious as possible for the viewer.  You’ll laugh at it but you’ll enjoy it.


Horror Express (1972 ) (aka Panic in the Trans Siberian Train) DIR E. Martin

Maybe not a zombie movie, but it has all best the elements.  I’m surprised this hasn’t been remade (although I tried when I was about 12).


Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974) (aka Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue) DIR Jorge Grau

Probably the best Night of the Living Dead clone out there.  Good filmmaking and production values. 


Night of the Living Dead (1968) DIR George Romero

Probably the best-known low-budget indie horror film ever made.  Very worthwhile.  The one that started it all?


Re-Animator (1985) DIR Stuart Gordon

Great horror comedy with zombies!


Return of the Living Dead (1985) DIR Dan O’Bannon

One of the best zombie movies ever.  Part parody, but not in a bad way.  Call it “a tribute” instead.  Great acting, clever humor and perfect music.


Seeding of a Ghost (1983) DIR Run Run Shaw

Just see it.  You won’t forget it.  It is gruesome.  There are many other similar Hong Kong horror flicks, but this is the best in my opinion.  I’d love to find a nice DVD release of this one in NTSC format.  


Shaun of the Dead (2004)

By far the funniest zombie movie to date, with good scares, make-up effects and very likeable characters.


Shock Waves (1977) (aka Death Corps) DIR Ken Weiderhorn

Overlooked, unique zombie movie without much gore.


Tombs of the Blind Dead (1971) DIR Amando deOssorio

The first of the Blind Dead series.  Brooding and contrived.  Dated, sexist and funny.


Wild Zero (2000)

Action packed Japanese zombie flick.  Probably the only really good one of this genre.


Zombie (1979) (aka Zombi II, Zombie Flesh Eaters) DIR Lucio Fulci

My personal favorite zombie movie period.  This one has it all – great direction, photography, high production values, solid acting, a typically “European” contrived script, some of the best zombies (for the most part).  This is no Dawn of the Dead clone.  No humor here.  It’s nasty all the way through. 



Other Nearly As Fun Zombie Movies (Flicks I’ve enjoyed more than once)

Made with about the same interest and effort as the films above, but just seem to have missed a little something along the line.  Still quite entertaining. 


Absurd (1982) (aka Anthropophagus 2) DIR Joe D’Amato

Meaner sequel to Anthropophagus, but maybe not really a zombie movie.


The Boneyard (1991) DIR J. Cummings

Weird zombie movie with some of over-the-top touches, but what weird casting!


The Child (1977) DIR R. Voskanian

Not great filmmaking, but so weird it’s creepy with an exciting ending.  My favorite looking zombies.


Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (1972) DIR Bob Clark III

Talky, pseudo-intellectual, sometimes funny, with a good ending.  Nice zombie make-up.


Evil Clutch

I just saw this one and wow.  It is so weird!  It’s currently my favorite film and I can’t figure out why? 


Dawn of the Mummy (1981) DIR Frank Agrama

Okay, not really a zombie movie, but so much like one.  Contrived, sexist and talky with a slam bang finish.


Day of the Dead (1985) DIR George Romero

Too talky, but much is learned about Romero’s zombies, and it has a great gross out finale.


Day of the Dead II: Contagium (2005)

Weird movie.  Weird point of view.  Gruesome, but what is really going on?


Dead Alive (1992) (aka Braindead) DIR Peter Jackson

Over-the-top, mostly in a good way, zombie-comedy.


Deathdream (1972) (aka Dead of Night, The Night Andy Came Home) DIR Bob Clark III

Good zombie movie with really good direction during the scary stuff, but some of the other scenes are not pulled off well.  Dark subject matter.


Fido (2007)

Zombie horror comedy.  Reminded me of a non-zombie favorite of mine, "Parents" with Randy Quaid. 


Grapes of Death (1978) DIR Jean Rollin

Brooding, sick movie, but I was pulling for the heroine all the way.


House by the Cemetery (1981) (Zombie Hell House) DIR Lucio Fulci

Oh, to find this movie without that terrible dubbing job they did on the kid.  Great “zombie” at the end.


Junk (2000)

Japanese zombie action.  No Wild Zero, but entertaining.


Killing Birds (aka Raptors: Killing Birds, Zombie 5) DIRs C. Lattanazi, Joe D’Amato

Very unusual zombie flick.  Creepy and gory.  Mysterious zombies in this one.


Land of the Dead (2005) DIR George Romero

More Romero-style political/social satire, but not nearly as good as Dawn.  It moves along pretty good though.  An honest attempt at a serious zombie flick.  Probably still available for rent at the video chain stores.


The Last Man on Earth (1964) DIR S. Salkow

Vincent Price at his best in a low budget zombie movie.


Lifeforce (1985) DIR Tobe Hooper

Big budget alien zombie (and/or vampire) movie.  Odd in all the right places.


Mutant (1984) DIR J. Bud Caros

Good little minor zombie flick. 


Night of the Seagulls (1975) DIR Amando deOssorio

Last of the Blind Dead series.  Not great but it has good atmosphere.


Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) DIR Ed Wood

Few people realize this is a zombie movie!  So much “obvious” filmmaking you can’t help but enjoy it.  


Punk Rock Holocaust 2 (2006) The ultimate slacker-zombie movie.  Funny, purposely under-acted, with great punk music.  Wish I could find Punk Rock Holocaust 1!  


Return of the Blind Dead (1973) (aka Return of the Evil Dead) DIR Amando deOssorio

First sequel in the Blind Dead series.  Contrived, dated and sexist like the first one, with a dreamlike atmosphere.


Shunken Heads (1994) DIR R. Elfman

Cool flick, but the weird casting almost ruins it.  


The Stick (1987) 

Very well-made South African zombie movie.  Creepy story, well filmed/acted.    


Una De Zombies (2003)

Mexican zombie movie with a “Shaun of the Dead” feel.  Creative and funny at times.  I need to watch this one again!


Undead (2003)

Stylish zombie movie with too many irritating characters, but a very cool and unexpected ending.


The Video Dead (1987) DIR R. Scott

Very sincerely-made little zombie film.   


Zombie III (1988) DIRs Lucio Fulci, Bruno Mattei

Not as bad as everyone says, but it’s more like a Bruno Mattei film than a Lucio Fulci film.  Not boring but nothing new.  Plenty gross!


Zombie Holocaust (1980) (aka Doctor Butcher MD) DIR Marino Girolami

Too bad they couldn’t pick up the pace a bit.  A zombie/cannibal movie combo.  Worthwhile with fun casting for fans, but what's with the ending?



Memorable for Some Reason (Watched once, maybe twice)

Certainly watchable zombie movies, but not necessarily recommended if you’re on a tight zombie movie viewing schedule. 


28 Weeks Later (2007) I wanted to like this one, but it was just too cowardly and dire and without any redeeming characters.  


Black Demons (1991) DIR Ruggerro Deodato

Okay production, but not well acted.


Carnival of Souls (1962)

Atmospheric but confusing.


Cemetery of Terror (1985) (aka Zombie Apocalypse)

Hugo Stiglitz in another zombie movie!


Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town (1989) DIR D. Hoskins

The female characters are more interesting than the zombie action. 


Codename: Yin-Yang (2006) DIR Bo Morck Pemstoft, Hnerik Andersen. Denmark gets into the no-budget zombie genre.  Attractive heroines and anti-Americanism.  


Creepshow (1982) DIR George Romero


Dead and Buried (1981) DIR G. Sherman

I read the book, which is probably why I kind of liked the movie.


The Dead Pit (1989) DIR B. Leonard

Cool vhs box had glowing eyes when it first came out.  Some good stuff.


Dead Heat (1988) DIR M. Goldblatt

Not very funny, but good to see another Vincent Price zombie movie.  


Die You Zombie Bastards (2005) 

Well, at least I can say I've now seen the most phallic zombie movie ever made. 


Flesh Eating Mothers (????) 

Unique story, with bizarre make-up effects  


Flesh Eater (1988) DIR Bill Hinzman.  Yup, that Bill Hinzman, the original zombie in the original Night of the Living Dead.  Too bad his movie had some a lame script and bad acting.  Some of the effects aren't bad.  And he remains a creepy looking zombie. 


The Fog (1980) DIR John Carpenter

The remake is probably still for rent, and it's not as good as the original.  


Grave Robbers (1987) Ruben Galindo Jr.  

Mexican horror flick.  The characterizations don't translate well, but the horror is pretty gruesome.   


Hide and Creep (2005) DIR Chuck Hartsell, Chance Shirley 

Lazy make-up effects, some poor acting, but clever at times.  


House of Lost Souls DIR Umberto Lenzi

Lots of gruesome murders and decapitations. 


I Walked with a Zombie (1943) DIR Jacques Tourneur

Dated but atmospheric


Kung Fu Zombies (1982) DIR I-Jung Hua



Living Dead in Tokyo Bay (1992) DIR K. Komizu

Feels unfinished…


Mas Alla Del Terror

Creepy story.  I wish I could find a better (subtitled) print.


Mausoleum (1983) (aka One Dark Night) DIR Tom McLoughlin

Typical 80’s teen-horror flick, but has its moments


Messiah of Evil (1973) (aka Dead People) DIR W. Huyck

Dark and unusual


Mulva: Zombie Ass-Kicker (2001)

Funny dialogue, but its not really a movie, is it?


Night Crawler (aka Zombie Brigade) DIR G. Hickenlooper

Sincere attempt


Night of the Comet (1984)

Trendy (for 1980s) and not bad


Night of the Sorcerers (1973) DIR Amando deOssorio

Weird but interesting


Oasis of the Zombies (1983) DIR Jess Franco

Slow moving but has its moments.  Unintentionally funny dialogue.  

Outpost (2006) 

Interesting setting, characters, atmospheric.


Pet Semetary (1989) DIR Mary Lambert


Plaga Zombie (1997) See below.


Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante (2001) DIR Hernan Saez, Pablo Pares

Stylish no budgeter and it's sequel.  Both are very watchable and funny at times.


Plague of the Zombies (1966) DIR J. Gilling

Very interesting zombies.  Good Hammer production values.


Raiders of the Living Dead (1986) DIR Sam Sherman

I’ll never get that damn theme song out of my head!


Redneck Zombies (1987) DIR P. Lewnes

Yucky, poorly made, but entertaining at times.


Resident Evil (I, II, III) (2002, 2004, 2007)

Slick flicks, and I like kinda anything with Milla


Return of the Living Dead III (1993) DIR Brian Yunza

Nice recovery from Part II.  A zombie love story done well, with some cool effects and nice acting.


Revenge of the Zombies DIR Jean Rollin

Oddball “zombie” movie.  Gruesome.  Sure wish a nice print existed.


Scooby Doo on Zombie Island (1998) J. Stenstrum

Better than it had a right to be.


The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) DIR Wes Craven

Serious study of voodoo.  Well made. 


The Stink of Flesh (2005) DIR Scott Phillips 

Okay timewaster but feels unfinished, with mostly lame make-up effects, and why such a kinky subplot?  Love the gal in the shed though... 


Sugar Hill (aka The Zombies of Sugar Hill) DIR P. Maslansky

Okay zombie stuff, but not necessarily made by folks who like zombie movies.


Swamp of the Ravens (1974)

Weird, kinda slow, but unforgettable visually.


Vengeance of the Zombies (1972) DIR L. Klimovsky


Waxwork I & II (1988, 1992) DIR Anthony Hickox


White Zombie (1932) DIR V. Halperin

Original and atmospheric but very dated.

Zombie Honeymoon (2006) 

Mostly good production values, moves along nicely, sad ending.  


Mentionable (These might’ve had some memorable scene or special effect but little else)

If you’re desperately looking for some zombie activity and you’re not very picky you might find something to enjoy in these, but they won’t captivate you enough to justify  their running time.



Sincere, slacker/punk "zombie" movie.  Weirdly watchable.    


Alien Dead (1980) DIR Fred Olen Ray

Very low budget but Buster Crabbe is in it.


Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers (1989) DIR J. Mostow


Bloodsuckers from Outer Space (1984) DIR G. Coburn 

Some funny gross-out stuff., when not annoyingly over-acted.


Bone Sickness (????) 

Sick is right!  Poorly filmed.


Corpse Eaters

I remember some nice eerie photography in this one, but little else.


Curse of the Blue Lights (1988)

Not a bad ending


Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Too bad the whole film wasn’t like the end credits, which were AWESOME.


The Dead Next Door (1988) DIR JR Bookwalter

Why so much hype about this one?


Deadly Friend (1986)


Flesh for the Beast (2003) 


Ghouls (2004) 

Interesting concept.  Not sure if they are zombies or just cannibals.  Poorly photographed.


Hard Rock Zombies (1984) DIR K Shah


Hellbound: Book of the Dead (2003)


I Was A Teenage Zombie (1987) DIR John Michalakis

Odd and very cheap but sincerely made.


The Laughing Dead (1989) DIR S. P. Somtow

If only they’d stayed away from that way over-the-top ending! 


Machine Head (2005) DIR Michael P. Murphy 

Satirical Frankenstein-concept  annoyingly acted/photographed 


My Boyfriend’s Back (1993) DIR Bob Balaban


Night of the Creeps (1986) DIR F. Dekker


Night of the Living Dead (1990) DIR Tom Savini

Some good effects but it’s too slick and “Hollywood”.  It lacks grit.


Nudist Colony of the Dead (1991) DIR Mark Pirro

Another theme song I’ll never be able to forget…   


Ozone (2001) JR Bookwalter

Dull and Cheesy


Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead (1997)  


The Rage (2008) DIR Robert Kurtzman 

Yeah, that Robert Kurtzman, the effects guy for Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness, etc.  Horrid photography and surprisingly bad digital effects doom this one.  It is extremely gross though, if that's all you care about.  

Raw Force (????) This movie inadvertently inspired me to seek out international zombie films.  I thought it was cool when I was 10.

Return of the Living Dead II (1988)

Pretty lame but not unwatchable.  A little less humor would’ve helped. 


Route 666 (2001)

Cool zombies


Shatter Dead (1994) DIR Scooter McCrae

Not sure what all the excitement was about this one.  One or two zombie scenes that evolve the myth in an interesting way.


Terror Creatures from Beyond the Grave (1965) DIR: M. Pupillo

Barbara Steele is in it.


Toxic Zombies (1979) (aka Bloodeaters) DIR C. McCrann


Versus (2000) DIR Ryuhei Kitmura

Another Japanese zombie action flick.  All show and nowhere to go.


The Vineyard (1989) DIRs B. Rice, J Hong


Zombie IV Afterdeath (1988) DIR Claudio Fragasso

Poor production values and where’s the story?


Zombie Cult Massacre (1998) 

Annoying photographed and overacted


Zombie Death House

John Saxon


Zombie Campout (2002) DIR Joshua D. Smith

Half-hearted low budgeter, poorly acted, but there is one special effect in this one that I’m still totally amazed by. 


The Zombie Chronicles (2001) DIR Brad Sykes


Zombie Nightmare (1986) DIR J. Bravman



Not good at all (Unfortunately I watched these and I wish I had those hours of my life back!)

Just avoid these.  Even if you can rent them you’ll be sad you wasted your time.  These filmmakers either lacked interest in their subject, had no story or lacked the skills or budgets to pull something entertaining off.  I’ve wasted over 250 hours watching these (and who knows how much money!)  I’m not going to waste anything else on them! 


Astro Zombies (1969) DIR Ted. V. Mikels

Beyond Re-Animator (2003)

Biohazardous (2001)

Biozombie (1998) DIR Wilson Yip

Biker Zombies (2001) DIR Todd Brunswick

Blood of Ghastly Horror (1971) DIR Al Adamson

Blood of the Zombie (1961) (aka The Dead One) DIR Barry Mahon

Bride of Reanimator (1990) DIR Brian Yunza

Caution: Children at Play (1981)

Children of the Living Dead (2001)

Chud II (aka Bud the Chud)

Cremains (2000) 

Dangerous Creatures (????) So boring...

Dead & Breakfast (2004)

Dead and Rotting

The Dead Hate the Living (2000)

Dead Meat (I & II) (2004-2005) 

Dorm of the Dead (2007) Howard Stern's woman makes a brief appearance and then bails on it.  So should you. 

Electric Zombies (2006) Absolutely the worst "zombie" film I have ever seen, and that's saying something.

Evil Town (????)

Feeding the Masses

Flesh Freaks (2000) 

Flight of the Living Dead (2007)

Garden of the Dead (1972) DIR J. Hayes

Graveyard Disturbance DIR Lambert Bava 

Gory Gory Hallelujah (2004) DIR Sue Corcoran. Unfunny zombie camp with bad make-up effects.

House of the Dead (2003)

Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels (1999)

I Eat Your Skin (1964) DIR: Del Tenney

I, Zombie (1998) DIR A. Parkinson

Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies (1964) DIR Ray Dennis Steckler

Living a Zombie Dream (1996) DIR T. Reynolds 

Living Dead Lock-up (2005) Mario Xavier

The Mad (2006) DIR Johnny Kalangis. How far has Billy Zane's career fallen?

Mark of the Astro Zombies (2002) DIR Ted V. Mikels

Meat Market 1 & 2 (2000, 2001)

The Midnight Hour (1985) DIR J. Bender 

Morbus (2004)

Necropolis Awakened (2002) DIR Garret White

Night of the Zombies (1981) (aka Gamma 693, Battalion of the Living Dead) DIR Joel Reed 

Night of the Living Dead in 3D (2007) 

The Plague (2006)

Prison of the Dead (2000)

Revolt of the Zombies (1936) DIR V. Halperin

Sars Wars (2004)

Shadow Dead Riot

Slither (2006)

Space Zombie Bingo (1993)

Stacy (2001) DIR Naoyuki Tomomatsu

Teenage Zombies (1957) DIR Jerry Warren

Vampire Vrs Zombies (2004)

A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973) DIRs Jess Franco, Jean Rollin 

Wiseguys Vrs Zombies (2003)

Zeder (1983) DIR Pupi Aanti

Zombie 90 (1991) DIR A. Schnaas

Zombie Bloodbath 1 & 2 (1993, 1995) DIR Todd Sheets

Zombie Doom (1999) DIR A. Schnaas

Zombie Island Massacre (1984) DIR J. Carter

Zombie Lake (1981) DIR Jean Rollin

Zombie Nosh (1988) (aka Flesheater) DIR Bill Hinzman 

Zombie Planet (2006)

Zombie Rampage 1 & 2 (1989, 1992) DIR Todd Sheets 

Zombies Gone Wild (2007) If you like lots of juvenile puke and poop jokes 

Zombiegeddon (2006) DIR Chris Watson.  The making-of is the only interesting stuff.  Painfully bad.

Zombiez (2005)



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