"Must you leave right now?  We're so busy with our human experiments and all?"
Dr. Falluci, Zombie Abomination - IZM

Dr. Falluci Being Smarmy

Doctor Falluci
Although not a real physician, "Doctor" Falluci is certainly no stranger to human
anatomy, especially of the female persuasion.  Always popular with the ladies,
Doctor Falluci has schmoozed his way into many a young woman’s undergarments. 
When not in the sack with one of his female co-stars, you’ll find Doctor Falluci equally
at home at the local strip club (where he’s “long” been a “member”), perusing the
bars on College Night, or perhaps chaperoning a high school dance in some nearby
town.  Even less of an actor than a Doctor, Doctor Falluci nonetheless gives
our film some much needed eye-candy for the ladies.

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Dr. Falluci in His Car    Dr. Falluci Schocked   Dr. Falluci Cool

Dr. Falluci at the Morgue    Dr. Falluci on the TV    Maria and Dr. Falluci

Dr. Falluci Simply Enraged    Dr. Falluci Enjoying the Striptease    Dr. Falluci's Photoshoot

In the film, Doctor Falluci is a disgraced army scientist relegated to morgue work. 
He secretly wishes to restore his glory by finding a cure to his most infamous
and costly failure: Antitoxin.  Originally designed to protect the troops from
biological and chemical weapons, it failed in the worst way and at the worst time. 
To this day, the army is still “managing” the problem he created at a special facility
called “The Farm”.  Fortunately for Doctor Falluci, but perhaps not coincidentally,
an opportunity arises for him to recover samples of Antitoxin that would’ve been
unavailable to him otherwise.  This opportunity is Bruno.  He has to proceed
secretly however, suspecting that someone in the military
is still keeping very close tabs on him…

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