"These events should run their course according to the timeline" The Old Ones - Zombie Atrocity - IZM

The Mysterious Spaceship   The Old Ones Appear

M4 Appears


Everyone wants to know about the sequel:  "Will there be a sequel to Zombie
Abomination?"  "Can I be in the sequels to The Italian Zombie Movies?"  "Do 
you need a gorgeous young woman for a lengthy nude shower scene in the
sequel to Zombie Atrocity?" and so on and so on...  While there is a sequel to
"The Italian Zombie Movies" in treatment form, the simple fact is I have so many
other film projects in the works right now that I'm not sure which one will get the
green light.  You see, for most of my life I've dreamed of making a truly important
dramatic film about the meaning of life, perhaps through the eyes of high school
cheerleaders as their homecoming celebration is spoiled by an intergalactic war. 
So I guess at this time, all I can say for certain is "Many such journey's are
possible, Image of Sarrek, many..."     
The Director - Zombie Abomination - IZM

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