"It's not necrophilia if we're both dead" Gas Station Attendant aka Queen of the Zombies, Zombie Abomination - IZM

The Gas Station Attendant The Queen of the Zombies

Gas Station Attendant/Queen of the Zombies
Admittedly, it was difficult to find an actress with a split personality who also
owned her own gas station, but our clever casting team managed to find both
in the above-referenced thespian.  And talk about a joy to have on the set! 
When she wasn't acting in a given scene, she'd squeegee our windshields,
check our oil, even give us free fill-ups!  Of course, all that would change at
night when she became the Queen of Zombies and her priorities went from
engines to entrails.

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Attendant Getting Bloody    Attendant Getting Pulled in Too Many Directions    Attendant Arguing Feminism

Attendant and Her Hobby Car    Queen on the Zombies     Mysterious Masked Zombie

In the film, the Gas Station Attendant runs the “Pump and Cream”, a combination
gas station and ice cream parlor on the outskirts of town, not far from that army
landfill called “The Farm”.  Actually another of the General’s spies, she does her
best to dissuade vacationers from venturing into the area by making up
stories about a “Local Pervert” who roams the forest, but she is not always
successful.  In some instances she has to resort to gypping the customers on
gas to ensure they can’t make it to “The Farm”.  Unfortunately for her, her
station is apparently on the way home for Doctor Falluci, who has a bucket of
medical waste to dispose of from his latest Antitoxin experiment.  Using the
mighty dollar, Doctor Falluci convinces her to dump these wastes into the foul
creek behind her station, with some rather extreme consequences…

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