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The General Attacked! The General and his Protege

The General
In command of the Facility for Army Resurrection Management (aka "the FARM"),
the General is the nationally-recognized expert in zombie defense and control. 
While the civilian populace is typically unaware of Resurrection Management
facilities, the government has long needed these operations to control zombie
outbreaks; which are usually the result of FDA/pharmaceutical company screw-ups,
but are not uncommonly the result of army-sponsored human testing programs.

For more on the General's role in Zombie Abomination - The Italian Zombie Movie
(which may include some plot SPOILERS) is below.

In the film, the General also manages "the Farm”, but the facility has been
fictionalized into a "zombie soldier landfill".  Also, the writers have exaggerated
the General into “the greatest zombie fighter of them all”, and mentor to many
zombie fighting students.  The film version of the General is also responsible
for Doctor Falluci’s post-Antitoxin oversight.  He employs a number of spies to
ensure Doctor Falluci isn’t up to any of his old tricks, but recently his orders
seem to have changed.  Where originally he seemed to want to stop Bruno from
finding the Antitoxin for the doctor, even infiltrating his team with a spy, he now
seems to want the Antitoxin for himself.  What has happened to
the General cause this change?

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