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Jeremiah Revere

Jeremiah Revere
Jeremiah Revere is a well known and respected member of the Sovereign Citizens
of the
United States , a group he co-founded.  SCUS is a patriotic organization
focusing on maintaining our God given sovereign rights, upholding the constitution,
and fighting the repressive federal government’s hegemony over its own citizens. 
Surely, the days of rampant socialism, Godless secular humanism, and vile
environmentalism are limited due to the tireless efforts of Jeremiah.  He was born on
the day of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion.  This crushing embarrassment to the United
States was due to the duplicitous actions of the Papist President.  This has left a
deep and lasting scar on Jeremiah’s tormented soul.  Lately, he has been
experimenting with nanoelectric microwatt transmitters and lipoprotein interference. 
Aside from a few nasty fires, these experiments have been successful and may hold
the key to liberation for all sovereign citizens.  Jeremiah is also known as "Jerry
Reviera", an alias he uses to elude the invasion of his privacy by “Big Brother”. 
His hobbies include advanced electronics, cured meats, militia surplus firearms,
whaling, and distilling spirits.  According to Jeremiah, “Reports of my death have
been greatly exaggerated”.

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For more on Jeremiah's role in Zombie Abomination - The Italian Zombie Movie
(which may include some plot SPOILERS) scroll down to end of these pictures.

Jeremiah Shocked    Jeremiah Versus the Giant Zombie    Jeremiah and The Colonel Cheers

Jeremiah's Bazooka    Jeremiah Parachutes    Jeremiah's Fighting Pose

Jeremiah Battles A Zombie    Jeremiah Catches a Blow    Jeremiah Meets the Zombie Queen

Jeremiah Yells Alot    Jeremiah Defends the Campsite    Jeremiah Accepts the Giant Zombie's Challenge

In the film, Jeremiah Revere plays a former special forces soldier turned militia
man.  Taking issue with women serving in the military among other things (see
above), Jeremiah found the militia more to his liking, and eventually convinced
his buddy “The Colonel” to do the same.  Unbeknownst to “The Colonel” however
was the fact that Jeremiah was a spy.  Working for the General, Jeremiah had
secretly been keeping tabs on Doctor Falluci, and when he learned of Bruno’s
recruitment in the secret Antitoxin recovery mission, he manipulated events to
get himself on Bruno’s team.  Understanding the dangers posed by this mission
far better than Bruno or “The Colonel”, Jeremiah’s zombie fighting skills would
certainly be put to the test.  But would his long friendship with Bruno and “The
Colonel” put him at odds with the orders of his mentor, the General?

All Together Now       Deception

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