Yes, I killed you, but I'm really sorry for it." Katriona Mattei, Zombie Abomination - IZM

Katriona's Lonely Walk

Katriona Mattei
“Zombie Abomination” is not Katriona’s first film for the Director.  In fact, this most
recent role is actually a reprise of the role she originally played over 20 years ago in
a short film by the Director entitled “Violent Dreams”; a prize winner in the Detroit
Area Film Festival in 1982. Unfortunately, because Katriona is a Republican and
therefore non-union, it took nearly 25 years for independent movies to open up to her
again, but when the casting call came, she was ready.  So ready, in fact, that some
believe she really does have ESP!  How else can one explain the fact that when
the Director first came to her with the role of Katriona, she not only looked the part,
but she’d already had an 13-year-old daughter perfectly suited for the role of
“Young Katriona”!  Coincidence?  I think not.

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Karionat Pleading with Bruno    Katriona with Bed Head    Katriona Scared in the Car

Katriona Flirts    Katriona's Psychic Powers Return    Katriona Flirts with Bruno

Katriona Enjoys the Drinking Party    Katriona Steps on Fish Guts?    Katriona is Attacked by Zombies

Katriona and her Ouija Board    Katriona Trapped in the Garage    Katriona Stressed

In the film, Katriona plays a recently-widowed, failed psychic.  Her deceased
husband was Bruno’s twin brother, and following his mysterious death she has
been unable to regain her psychic powers.  Much of her life has been a blur since
her husband’s death, but Doctor Falluci’s “happy pills” have kept her from falling
into depression.  But why has she suddenly lost her psychic powers?  And why
does she keep having nightmares about killing her husband?  Her friend
Mariangela hasn’t been much help either, behaving jealously when Katriona
mentioned she nearly scored Bruno after her husband’s funeral.  Why is
Mariangela angry with her?

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