"I used to molest girls there, but that is neither here nor there." The Local Pervert, Zombie Abomination - IZM

The Local Pervert Strikes! The Local Pervert Gets Decapitated

The Local Pervert
The Local Pervert was an extremely complex character to bring to the big
screen.  Numerous actors were required to play the character in his various
incarnations, each needing to blend his talents perfectly with his predecessors. 
Meanwhile, special effects artists, robotics technicians and special make-up
experts from around the globe combined their talents.  Ultimately, the Director
chose himself to dub The Local Pervert's voice, creating perhaps the most
complex screen presence since "Gollum".  

In His Own Words
"Hola pendejos.  Si, I play "The Local Pervert" in the film.  I was asked by the
Director to contribute a little personal information (presumably about myself)
to this website so here goes:  It all began for me on the day I was born.  This
day became known as my birthday, although I did not realize it at the time of my
birth since words did not yet convey meanings to me.  Of course, I am much older
 now as evidenced by my ability to use words here.  As I recall, using words, and
more notably reading and writing, were skills I learned a few years after my birth,
perhaps beginning in earnest at about the age of four.  Remarkably, I went from
being born to being four (a few years after that) to finally reaching my current
age this past year!  What a long strange trip it has been!  Well with that we
are now up-to-date.  Concerning the film, I'm so sorry, but I just can't find the
words right now..."


     More on The Local Pervert's role in Zombie Abomination - The Italian Zombie
Movie (which may include some plot SPOILERS) is below.

In the film, The Local Pervert plays a guy in a mask that used to molest girls in
the area but hasn’t been seen for many months.  No one is sure what (if anything)
has happened to him, but one woman in particular seems completely unafraid
of him, and that’s Mariangela…

Masked Perverts!         Sinister Villain!

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