"A hundred strong and vengeful zombie soldiers, twenty feet tall!" The General, Zombie Abomination - IZM

Surgery in the Field     I Want To Eat You

The Charred Face and Scalped Head     Wormy Arm


"When we saw that line in the script, the one about the about giant zombies,
we knew we had our work cut out for us, but fortunately we were up to the task..." 
Insightful, non-clichéd quotes like these can soon be found right here, as we
post fascinating interviews and "making of" videos on the (potentially) award-
winning special make-up effects that make Zombie Abomination - The Italian
Zombie Movie, truly a one-of-a-kind zombie movie experience.  Come
back soon, and don't forget your BARF BAG as the pictures and videos
promise to be extremely graphic!

Click here for make-up effects secrets!



Blood Intestines        Disembowel        Maggots


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