"Ugh...  They're eating each other!" Maria, Zombie Abomination - IZM

Maria Glamour Shot 

This is not Maria’s first foray into the home video market, but her previous exploits
have been, well, shall we say, exploitative.  Suffice it to say that following her success
at turning recreation into occupation, Maria firmly planted her career in the mainstream
by auditioning and gaining the lead role in Zombie Abomination; all of this in spite of a
rather embarrassing personal problem.  You see, few people know (and she’ll kill me
if she finds out I’m telling you this) that Maria has, well, a “hair problem”.  In fact, her
hair changes length and color “on its own” so often that the changes had to continually
be written into the script.  Fortunately for her, we had a team of talented writers and
producers who accommodated this unusual, almost carnival-freakish condition, that
we can only assume is medical.  (And far be it from us to exploit one of our actresses’
medical conditions!)

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Maria in Her Little Black Hat    Maria in Her Bikini    Maria and a Cherry

Maria Scared    A Mysterious Stripper    Maria in the Morgue

Maria Gets Messy    Maria's Bloodshot Eyes Return    Maria Meets A Masked Zombie

Maria Scared   Maria the Arbitrator    Maria in the Car

In the film, Maria plays Doctor Falluci’s assistant.  Hoping to get knocked-up by her
boyfriend (so she can get him to propose to her) she’s planned a romantic camping
trip, but there’s one problem: Her boyfriend Ruggerro forgot to make campsite
reservations.  Fortunately, Doctor Falluci comes to the rescue, offering Maria and
Ruggerro the use of his campsite.  Unfortunately, Doctor Falluci accidentally (?) gives
Maria the same map he gave to Bruno; the one that leads to the missing shipment of
Antitoxin near the old army landfill called “The Farm”.  Remarkably enough, when they
arrive they find that there is a camper there, but is it Doctor Falluci’s?  It seems more
likely that some creepy pervert would have a camper like this one,
way out in the middle of nowhere.

Well, do you?        Blood and Guts

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