"Mentally you're insane.  Inside your head is a twisted compulsion." Mariangela, Zombie Abomination - IZM

Mariangela and Her Newspaper Clippings

A friend of the Director since high school, Mariangela got the moviemaking bug
somewhat later in life.  Originally just the “script girl”, Mariangela quickly moved
up the ranks during the filming of Zombie Abomination, replacing the other bottom
feeders (i.e., the key grip, the best boy, the gaffer, the producer, etc.) until she
finally achieved the prestigious role of Script Girl-Assistant Director.  Along the
way, she auditioned and got the part of (interestingly enough) "Mariangela".  At some
point during the filming, Mariangela caught Maria’s “hair problem”, but other than
that, she was a pleasure* to work with. 

(* Some cast members requested this footnote: "Mariangela was NOT always a pleasure
to work with, in fact she was nicknamed “The Script Nazi” for her absolute insistence
on dialogue being delivered EXACTLY as it was written on the page, even if the page
CLEARLY had typographical or grammatical errors on it".  So if, perchance, you hear
ANY bad dialogue in this film, well, now you know who to blame...) 

For more on Mariangela's role in Zombie Abomination - The Italian Zombie Movie
(which may include some plot SPOILERS) scroll down to end of these pictures.

Mariangela in the Lab    Mariangela in Charge    Mariangela in Her Hair Bag

Mariangela Fights Zombies     Mariangela Ticked    Mariangela Makes Her Point

 Mariangela Shrouded in Mystery   Mariangela Has Big Hands    Mariangela's Car

In the film, Mariangela plays the longtime girlfriend of Katriona.  Knowing each
other since elementary school, the two of them have been rivals in relationships
with Katriona winning the big prize when she stole Bruno’s twin brother away from
Mariangela in high school and married him.  Following his death, Katriona’s
descent into depression (and madness) had her reaching out for her friend
Mariangela’s support, but Mariangela has her own loss to deal with.  Unbeknownst
to Katriona, Mariangela recently lost a brother in a mysterious boating accident,
and all she has on her mind is revenge.  But how far will the tendrils of her
vengeance reach?  Will they go so far as to include her
girlfriend and one-time rival?

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