"Let me see that stool sample - I'm a trained medic!" The Colonel, Zombie Atrocity - IZM

Production Stills

Here are some still pictures from the film.  For behind the scenes stuff, check out these links:

Dietro le Quinte, I Segreti di Effetti Speciali, I Segreti di Effetti di Trucco Speciali

Asia Flies Around    The Colonel Attacked    Dr Falluci and Maria at the Clinic

 Car Chase Action    Dr. Falluci and the Lab Tech Take a Close Look    Jeremiah on the Hunt

The Attendant Gets Bloody    Being Scanned?    Beach Guts

Katriona Flirts with Bruno    A Mysterious Masked Zombie?    Bruno with a Machine Gun

Zombie Attacks!    Young Katriona Wonders    Ruggerro is Attacked by a Zombie

Maria Likes Fast Boats    Maria Meets a Masked Zombie   Zombies Trying to Eat the Trailer

 Bruno Gets A Little Head in the Car    A Nearly Skinless Zombie     Colonel Parachutes

Saragon's Rover    The Blind Zombie    Jeremiah Carries a Big Stick


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