"How was I supposed to know?  I don't have a precision mind like yours!" Ruggerro, Zombie Abomination - IZM


A tall and well-built former college football player, Ruggerro not only plays multiple
roles in the film, but he also built the miniatures and choreographed his own moves
in the epic fighting scenes featuring the General; wherein he performs as the
General’s stunt double.  Reportedly inspired by the Japanese giant rubber monster
movies of the 1960s and 70s, Ruggerro’s massive thrusts and blows often left
Jeremiah, who is no physical wimp himself, feeling like he really was fighting for his
life!  Ruggerro is also a master of body control, and can discharge the contents of
his stomach on cue; a skill that has not been lost on the Director (this is Ruggerro’s
forth project for him).

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Ruggerro Defends His Car    Ruggerro Has a Question   Ruggerro Saves Maria

Ruggerro and Maria Argue    Ruggerro Has Guts    Ruggerro Angry

Ruggerro in Action    Ruggerro and Maria at the Camper Window    Ruggerro Prepares to Defend His Car

Ruggerro Attacked    Ruggerro Catches Maria Lying    Ruggerro and Maria Argue Sometimes

In the film, Ruggerro plays an off-duty police officer simply trying to enjoy a
little vacation with his increasingly manipulative girlfriend Maria.  Unfortunately,
following a run-in with an obnoxious attendant at a full service gas station,
Ruggerro’s car breaks down on the way to the campsite.  While trying to fix the car,
Ruggerro is attacked and bitten by some kind of diseased fiend wearing military
fatigues.  He and Maria are able to escape the fiend by pushing their car down
a hill to safety, but they are trapped in the woods.  Oddly enough, the next day they
find the fiend’s decapitated head not far from their car causing Maria to deduce
that everything is fine now.  She then coincidentally spots what must be Doctor
Falluci’s camper very near by.  She assures Ruggerro that there will be adequate
first aid in Doctor Falluci’s trailer for his bite, and someone killed the fiend so
he poses no further threat, so they can begin their vacation after all!

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