"I'm sure you would find her body temperature distressing" Saragon, Zombie Abomination - IZM

Saragon Scanning

for recently intercepted communications between Saragon and Image of Sarrek

A mysterious, multi-temporal, and omniscient pure energy being assigned by
the High Council to solve a perplexing problem on a little known and materially
negligible planet.  Although gifted and powerful, Saragon is not able to use his
powers to their fullest extent when he takes corporeal form, as he must to move
about among humans.  Some have speculated that he is actually the pure energy
form of an ancient Assyrian king, who merely "laid low" for a couple millennia
after a particularly exhausting struggle with flesh eaters during his first earthly
reign.  According to this theory, he's now returned and working for the High
Council's Commission on Anomalous Scientific Inquiries searching for a missing
starship that was carrying subspace cellular communications equipment to the
Alpha Quadrant.  Saragon's hobbies include tinkering with mechanical devices
and dropping increasingly complex hints about the theory of relativity to developing
cultures.  Could Saragon have an ulterior motive? 

For more on Saragon's role in Zombie Abomination - The Italian Zombie Movie
(which may include some plot SPOILERS) scroll down to end of these pictures.

Saragon and Sarrek    Saragon Bridge    Saragon Laser

Saragon and His Rover    Saragon and Sarrek Discuss the Mission    Being Scanned?

Saragon Observes a Strange Spaceship    Saragon Explains    Saragon Pissed

Saragon and Sarrek on ATVs    Saragon and Sarrek in Action    Saragon and Sarrek in Their Rover

In the film, Saragon is playing himself.  His scenes really happened.  He really is
a pure energy alien being presently in human form.  Our cameras were of no
interest to him as he went about his mission.

Intergalactic Intervention?         Genius

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