for recently intercepted communications between Saragon and Image of Sarrek


"I don't recognize your authority!" Sarrek, Zombie Abomination - IZM

Sarrek Grumbles

Image of Sarrek
Actually named Yarenek, he is sometimes teased about the fact that he is actually
a heavily-foreclawed volcanic deposit.  Hence his nickname "Rock Man". And
although he can be an obtuse sleuth, his ability to focus immense amounts of
mental energy and take any form he wishes is the envy of the galaxy.  It is this
skill, plus an innate charisma, that have put him in the service of Saragon and
the High Council.  Fiercely independent, he chafes at having to work with Saragon
but ultimately discovers the power of friendship.  Image of Sarrek's hobbies
include staging private spectacles of mutually opposed forces for his own
amusement, which he easily pulls off thanks to his form shifting nature.

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Saragon and Sarrek Joking    Sarrek Considers Options   Sarrek is Enraged

Sarrek Intense    Sarrek and Saragon at Night    Sarrek, Saragon Attacked by Zombies

Sarrek Faces M4    Sarrek Bridge    Sarrek and Saragon Looking Up

Saragon and Sarrek in the Thicket    Sarrek and Saragon Salute    Sarrek Pissed

In the film, the Image of Sarrek is playing himself.  His scenes really happened. 
He really is a volcanic deposit with heavy foreclaws from some distant alien
world presently in human form.  Our cameras were of no interest to him as he went
about his mission.

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