Special Photographic Effects 
The special effects in the film were highly varied and
therefore handled by 4 different divisions: Digital
Effects, Photographic Effects, Miniature Effects and
Pyrotechnic Effects.  Many of the geniuses behind the
effects have moved on to other projects, but the man
behind the Photographic Effects was kind enough to sit
down with us for a short interview.
WM: So what was your favorite photographic effect?
TB: Oh, that’s easy: The lens flair.  I added lens
flairs to practically every shot.  I just love lens
WM: Lens flairs certainly are prevalent, especially in
the finale.
TB: Yes, and thank you for noticing.  Most of the lens
flairs in that particular scene were added in the post
at the specific request of the Director.  He wanted
lots of lens flairs as a sort of tribute to those flying, burning 
marshmallows in Dellamorte Dellamore.  
WM: Pure genius.
TB: Yes, I agree.
WM: Another effect I enjoyed was the laser beam.  Did
you have anything to do with that effect?
TB: Oh yes, and thanks for asking.  As you’ve probably
guessed, I am a HUGE science fiction fan.  I’ve
probably seen “War of the Planets” a dozen times, and
“Star Crash” even more than that!  “Alien
Contamination”, “Planet on the Prowl”, “War of the
Robots”, you name it, I’ve seen it!  But back to your
question: Yes, the laser beam was a completely
original special effect realized and designed entirely
by me.  I wanted something unique; something that
hadn’t ever been seen before in any film!   
WM: Interesting.  The laser beams in your film reminded me
of the weaponry in Star Trek.
TB: Star “Track”?
WM: No, Star Trek: T-R-E-K.
TB: Hmm.  Never heard of it.  Is it a recent movie?
WM: Star Trek is a hugely successful science fiction
franchise which has included 5 television
series, a Saturday morning cartoon and I think 9 or 10 feature 
length movies.  The films have made hundred of millions of dollars
worldwide.  The various TV series have been running in
syndication for almost 40 years!
TB: Hmm, I must’ve missed those somehow…  
WM: Actually I’ve never seen any of the films you
mentioned earlier, so I guess that makes us even.
TB: Oh please, what rock did you just crawl out from
under!  I mean really, how long has your head been up
your ass?  You’ve never seen “War of the Robots”?  
WM: Nope.
TB: How about “The Humanoid”?  
WM: Never heard of it.
TB: “Star Odyssey”?  “War in Space?”  “The Beast from
WM: Are those even real movies?
TB: Oh my GOD!  And you call yourself a science
fiction fan!  
WM: I AM a science fiction fan!  I own all of the “Star
Wars” movies on DVD, the “Alien Quadrilogy”, all of
the “Terminator” movies - 
TB: What the heck are you even talking about?  Are you
trying to make some kind of fool of me?
WM: “Planet of the Apes”, “War of the Worlds”,
Battlestar Galactica”….
TB: Oh, I get it.  I see what you’re doing.  You’re
trying to drive me crazy aren’t you?  Inundating me
with all these imaginary movie titles…
WM: “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “The Matrix”, “Babylon
TB: I’m not listening anymore.
WM: “RoboCop”, “Dark Star”…
TB: Did you mean “Robowar”?  And “Shocking Dark”?  
WM: “Lost in Space”, “Stargate?”
TB: That does it.  You’re just trying to make a fool of me, 
making up all these movie titles.  This interview is over.
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