"I know just what you're thinking Sprinkles!" Gas Station Attendant, Zombie Abomination - IZM

Sprinkles Sprinkles Looking for a Drink

Sprinkles is (of course) not a real dog, but a man in a suit.  The man in the suit’s
name is Joe, who also happens to be Digital Visual Effects Director and the Blood,
Bladder and Gore Effects Supervisor.  We let him play the role of Sprinkles just to,
well, you know, sort of “throw him a bone” as they say.

More on Sprinkle's role in Zombie Abomination - The Italian Zombie Movie
(which may include some plot SPOILERS) is below.

In the film, Sprinkles has a complex role even by animal actor standards.  Not only
must Sprinkles wholeheartedly befriend the rather unlikable Gas Station Attendant
character, but she must also stand idly by while this Attendant is mauled to death
by zombies!  That Sprinkles could handle a role with such inherent contradiction is a
 real tribute to the actor in the furry suit who played her; Joe.  It should also be noted
that Joe chose the role of Sprinkles over Benji (the latest installment of which
was being filmed at the same time) because of the greater depth of characterization
in the “Sprinkles” role.  For that we are extremely grateful. 

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