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The Lab Tech and Dr. Falluci Take a Close Look The Lab Technician is Suspicious

The Technician
Apparently this guy would do anything to be in a movie, even take a lame
part like that of the “The Technician”.  This was his only scene in the film
and right after he got his check, he split.  We have no idea what’s happened
to him but we don’t suspect foul play.  It'd be just our luck that he'll be the
guy who gets this huge cult following because of the movie and none of us
will have any idea how to get in touch with him or anything.

More on The Technician's role in Zombie Abomination - The Italian Zombie Movie
(which may include some plot SPOILERS) is below.

In the film, the Technician plays a lab tech at a contract laboratory where Doctor
Falluci has sent his samples for independent testing.  The Technician is the
first character in the film to notice the relationship between high frequency
waves and the apparent reactivation of dead tissue, which is critical later in the film. 
Much more was planned for this character, including a surprise ending where
he suddenly appears with a cure for the Antitoxin affliction, but alas, as noted
above, he just sort of disappeared after one scene.  Too bad, really. 

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